About Us

Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park

Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park was set up in the year 2011 by Sammilan Shetty, a young nature lover and butterfly enthusiast. Situated at Belvai, near Moodabidri at the foothills of the Western Ghats, the park is a treasure house of a wide variety of butterflies belonging to this region. The park is developed on natural greenery and the butterflies are also natural inhabitants of the park. The park respects the butterfly’s freedom and no dome or enclosure is maintained to keep them trapped within the park. Only suitable conditions which are conducive to different varieties of butterflies are created to attract them to the park.

The park is being run with service motive and is not a commercial undertaking.

Objective of the Park

  • To educate visitors, especially children, regarding butterfliesTo highlight the need for conservation of butterflies.
  • To provide a protected habitat for butterflies of Western Ghats biosphere
  • To undertake scientific study and research on butterflies
  • To provide people with an uplifting experience by viewing and enjoying the beauty of butterflies

Park Experiences

Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park is a dedicated effort for education and conservation of butterflies.

  • Powerpoint Show & Lecture
  • Park Walkthrough where visitors would watch butterflies, their eggs, caterpillars and pupa in their natural habitat.
  • Photography

Park Timings

Open only on Sundays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Registration is mandatory before visit. Call +91 9845993292 to register.